In order to carry out the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC, foster and develop more large-scale backbone enterprises, promote Hubei enterprises to become stronger, bigger and better, and promote the high-quality development of Hubei enterprises. the Hubei Enterprise Federation and the Hubei Entrepreneurs Association continued to carry out the activities of declaring, analyzing and issuing Hubei enterprises in 2018. On July 20, 2018 top 100 manufacturing enterprises in Hubei and 100 top 2018 service enterprises in Hubei were released. Sevalo machinery supply chain Co., ltd ranks among the top 100 of the 2018 service enterprises in Hubei.



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Sevalo Machinery Supply Chain is an environmental-friendly supply chain service platform that integrates supply side to provide whole life cycle service for construction machinery users. Relying on the "Exiaoma" platform, supported with large data, pan-remanufacturing and Internet of Things, Sevalo provides clients: sales consulting, leasing and maintenance, second-hand equipment trading, insurance, online certification services. With the 16 years of self-improvement and innovation, in 2018, Sevalo explored new business model: through consultative sales methodology, focus on the requirements of clients and provide systematic solution to mining enterprises, government and related One belt and One Road customers.


Eight characteristics of 2018 Hubei Top 100 Enterprizes



2018 the top 100 enterprises in Hubei achieved two digit growth in business revenue, an increase of 15%. In 2008, the operating income of top 100 enterprises in Hubei Province was 2647.8 billion yuan, an increase of 346.5 billion yuan, or 15 percent, compared with 23.12 billion yuan last year. The top 10 businesses are over 20 billion yuan.



The total assets increased year by year with the total operating revenue. The total assets of the top 100 enterprises in Hubei in 2018 were 436.5 billion yuan, an increase of 555.2 billion yuan, or 15% over the previous year's 3761.3 billion yuan, showing an accelerated upward trend.



Corporate profits and growth rates have all reached record highs. In 2008, Hubei Top 100 enterprises realized a profit of 118.7 billion yuan, an increase of 26.9 billion yuan over the previous 91.7 billion yuan, an increase of 29%, an increase of 8 percentage points over the previous year.



Tax contribution has increased synchronously. The total taxation amount of the top 100 enterprises in Hubei Province in 2008 was 147.9 billion yuan, an increase of 19.4 billion yuan, or 15% over the previous year's 128.6 billion yuan, and a rebound in the trend of slowing down in the previous year.



Top 100 enterprises are stable in terms of geographical distribution and industrial distribution. Among the top 100 enterprises in Hubei Province in 2018, there are 76 in Wuhan, 9 in Huangshi, 4 in Yichang, 2 in Xiangyang, 2 in Huanggang, 1 in Jingzhou, Jingmen, Xiaogan, Xianning, Suizhou, Enshi and Qianjiang, and the top 100 enterprises still maintain the original industrial distribution pattern, including 36 in manufacturing, 36 in service and 36 in construction. There are 26 buildings and 2 other industries.



2018 Hubei top 100 entry threshold and top 100 turnover rate have both set a new record. Since its release in 2009, the threshold of the top 100 enterprises in Hubei Province has risen from 1.417 billion yuan to 3.341 billion yuan in 2015, 3.915 billion yuan in 2017 and 4.621 billion yuan in 2018, which is a new record. At the same time, 15 enterprises changed the list of 2018 enterprises in Hubei 100, the turnover rate was 15%, refresh the historical record.



Ownership structure and development trend. Of the top 100 enterprises in 2018, 59 were state-owned and state-owned holding enterprises, 41 were private enterprises, and the number of state-owned and state-owned holding enterprises increased by two over the previous year. Among the four major economic indicators of operating income, net profit, total assets and total taxation, state-owned and state-controlled enterprises accounted for 76%, 76%, 88% and 84% respectively. The above-mentioned indicators of private enterprises accounted for 24%, 24%, 12% and 16% respectively. Compared with the previous year, the more obvious change was that the number of private enterprises decreased by two. Net profit accounted for 13 percentage points more than last year, and the economic efficiency was significantly improved.



R & D investment has continued to grow, and research and innovation efforts have been further intensified.


It's a great honor for Sevalo to be able to stand out among the numerous enterprises in Hubei Province by virtue of his own strength and rank among the top 100 honors. In future, Sevalo will continue to adhere to innovation-driven, change the way of development to create more value for customers with high quality services. Meanwhile, it will also make greater contributions to speed up the construction of a strong socialist modernization province and compose a new chapter of Hubei's development in the new era.




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